Media is not displaying Full Screen on the TV (Overscan)

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Your media seems zoomed in / zoomed out and looks like it displaying outside of the display or it has a black trim around the edge of the display showing no contents. Typically this is due to Overscan or Underscan.


Some TV manufacturers designed their TV to zoom into the image slightly in order to be compatible with non-digital signals. In most cases, people will not notice such issue. However, if you have text appearing at the edge of the screen, you will experience the issue where the text is cut off.


Each TV company has an option in the TV settings and are usually named similarly; the most common names are to Aspect Ratio or Display Size.  Some common options of the setting are named Wide, Screen Fill, Screen FitAspect Ratio, Just Scan, Set by Program, Zoom, Cinema Zoom16:9, or 4:3. One of the settings will display the content properly within the display.  Use your remote and navigate to your TV's menu → Display Settings and toggle the option until it perfectly fits your TV.

Please refer to TV owner's manual or contact the TV manufacturer's customer care line if you need a further assistance in locating the setting.