Enable Auto-Update for a Multimedia Playlist

In this article, we will explore how to enable Auto-Update for a Multimedia Playlist.  This feature is especially useful to easily update multiple devices when using Nested Playlists / Sub-Playlists.  

Important Note

Active Multimedia Playlists with the Auto-Update feature enabled, will automatically download the updated content during the next device Reboot (even without initiating a Publish).

Enable Auto-Update on a Multimedia Playlist

  1. Navigate to the desired Multimedia Channel / Playlist

    Navigate to the Active Multimedia Playlist

    Users can navigate to their active Multimedia Channel / Playlist by following the first 6 steps in the Edit and Publish a Multimedia Playlist article.
  2. Click on the Auto Update Slider

  3. You have successfully enabled Auto-Update for a Multimedia Playlist

  4. Publish the desired Layout

    You will only need to initiate a Publish once after enabling the Auto-Update

Applies to

OnePass 3.1.x, NexSigns 2.x, NexSigns 3.x