This article will define all the different Channels and explain when to use them. 

Topics Covered

What is an Channel?


ImageDisplays a single, static Image AssetImage Channels are typically used to display fixed logos or banners


Displays a Playlist of both Image and Video Assets, along with other media

Multimedia Channels are the most frequently used Channels.  Users use them to create a customized playlist of their media to be displayed.

Click here for an article on Multimedia Channels

Scrolling TextDisplays Scrolling Text across your screenAllows for large amounts of text to continuously scroll and display on your Layout
Time ConditionCreate a schedule and display different Layouts based on the current date and time

Examples of common uses

  • Display 7 different Layouts on every day of the week (Monday to Sunday)
  • Display a breakfast menu until 10:30 am then a regular menu afterwards
  • Display happy hour specials only from 3 to 5 pm daily
  • Display a lunch menu until 4 pm then a dinner menu afterwards


Custom CodeUsed for custom contentOnly to be used by the Kuusoft Support Team

Multi Screen Layout

Displays a playlist of multiple Layouts set on a fixed timer

Examples of common uses

  • Display a playlist of Layouts that change every 15 minutes
WebsiteDisplays a single, static Web PageDisplay a Webpage / Website on NexSigns
WebScriptDisplays customized HTML and Web Scripts

Examples of common uses


Animated SlideshowDisplays a playlist of Image AssetsWe recommend using a Multimedia Channel / Multimedia Playlist instead


Displays a playlist of Video Assets

We recommend using a Multimedia Channel / Multimedia Playlist instead

Create a new Channel

  1. Select Manage Channel located in the left menu

  2. Click on Create New Channel 

  3. Enter a Channel Name, Description and select your intended Channel Type in the drop-down menu 

  4. Select Continue to finish creating a new Channel