Wireless Network Requirements and Recommendations for NexSigns

The following are requirements and recommendations for Nano-PC2 or Nano-PC3 devices to function properly on a Wireless Network

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Wireless Network Requirements

Note that the Wireless SSID and Wireless Password are both case-sensitive and space-sensitive

  1. DHCP should be enabled
  2. Access to the standard HTTP (Port 80) / HTTPS (Port 443) ports
  3. Access to the NTP (UDP 123) port to pool.ntp.org

The Default Settings on most Wireless Routers should already include these settings.

Hidden Wireless Networks are compatible.
Open / Unsecured Wireless Networks are compatible but NOT recommended.

Wireless Network Recommended Settings

Kuusoft recommends connecting Nano-PC3 Devices to a dedicated 5 GHz Wireless Network.  This can be achieved by differentiating the Wireless SSID of both Wireless Bands.

Example of a Wireless Configuration

  • 2.4 GHz
    • SSID could be set to NexSigns
  • 5 GHz
    • SSID could be set to NexSigns5

Hardware Information

Nano-PC2 supports 2.4 GHz Wireless Networks
Nano-PC3 supports both 2.4 & 5 GHz Wireless Networks

Nano-PC3 supports Ethernet / Network CablesWired Network Requirements for NexSigns

Applies to

Nano-PC2, Nano-PC3