Get Started with NexSigns

What is NexSigns? NexSigns is the Digital Signage Platform created by Kuusoft.  It consists of both Hardware and an Online Control Panel.

A Nano-PC is a powerful piece of Digital Signage Hardware created by Kuusoft.

OnePass is the Online Control Panel for Kuusoft products and services.  Here you can manage your Account and Digital Signage content.

Here are some helpful links to get started!


How to Setup your Nano-PC (Wi-Fi)

How to Setup your Nano-PC (Wi-Fi) - Video

How to Configure the Wi-Fi Settings on a Nano-PC (USB Mouse)

How to Setup your Nano-PC (LAN / Ethernet)

Online Account, Billing, & Invoices

OnePass -

How to Access OnePass

How to Reset your Password

How to Access your Invoices

Manage Users - grant and remove access to your OnePass account

NexSigns - Update your Signage

Create and Publish a Multimedia Playlist - quickly upload images and videos to your display

Edit and Publish a Multimedia Playlist - quickly edit your existing Multimedia Playlist to your display

Create and Publish a NexSigns Template - quickly add and publish a Template to your display

Edit and Publish a NexSigns Template - quickly edit your existing Template to your display

Edit Images with the NexSigns Image Editor


Multimedia Channel / Multimedia Playlist

Assets (Images / Videos - Recommended Settings)

Media Resizing (Automatic Multimedia Resizing by NexSigns)

Publish a Layout

Change the Time Zone Setting (Nano-PC Device)

Mirroring (duplicating Layouts on multiple Devices)



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