Data Streams Setup

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Data Streams are an abstraction layer between the Data Source (the data provider) and the Dynamically Linked Content (the data consumer). This article will cover how you can connect your license to supported Data Sources and create a Data Stream.

Add a new Data Stream

  1. Access the desired NexSigns license by clicking on Start Action

  2. In the left navigation menu, click on Data Streams.

  3. Click on + Add Data Stream to begin adding a new Data Stream.

  4. For Data Stream Name, provide a unique name within the license.

  5. Select a supported Data Source from the dropdown menu box, and it should automatically populate the connection template inside the Connection Settings box.

  6. Go through the Connection Settings and replace per instruction.


Pro-Tips: Data Stream Cross Binding (SME Linking)

Suppose you are planning on utilizing SME Linking capability to display the same design, theme, item positioning, and category across multiple licenses simultaneously in a centralized fashion. At the same time, you want to have localized dynamic data. Make sure you have your Data Stream Name identical across all desired licenses. NexSigns can resolve the Data Stream layer using Data Stream Name.

The Data Stream Name is not case-sensitive.