Containers are placeholders which display Channels or Templates and is used for screen segmentation.  The unit of measurement for Ratios is in percentages.

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Login to OnePass and navigate to your Screen Layouts

  1. Login to OnePass (For more information, see How to access OnePass)
  2. Click on Application then select NexSigns

  3. Click on Start Action on your desired Product License

  4. You have successfully navigated to your Screen Layouts.

Create a Container and Connect it to a Channel or Template

These instructions will explain how to manually create and connect Containers.  For common examples, see the following articles.

Helpful Links

Create and Publish a Multimedia Playlist - quickly upload images and videos to your Nano-PC
Edit and Publish a Multimedia Playlist - quickly edit your existing Multimedia Playlist to your Nano-PC
Create and Publish a NexSigns Template - quickly add and publish a Template to your Nano-PC
Edit and Publish a NexSigns Template - quickly edit your existing Template to your Nano-PC

  1. Navigate to the desired Product License
  2. Find the desired Layout, click on Action then Edit Layout

  3. Click on either New Horizontal Container or New Vertical Container

  4. (Optional) Modify the Container Name, Ratio, and click on Save Ratio 

  5. Click on View Container

  6. Find the desired Channel /  Template
    1. Click on Connect to a Channel and select Connect

    2. Click on Connect to a Template and select Connect

  7. You have successfully created a Container in a Layout and connected it to a Channel / Template