Create and Publish a Multimedia Playlist

This tutorial will provide instructions on the fastest way to Publish media to your Nano-PC device.

Topics Covered

Create and Publish a Multimedia Playlist

  1. Login to OnePass (For more information, see How to access OnePass)
  2. Click on Application then select NexSigns

  3. Select your desired Product License and click on Start Action

  4. Click on New Multimedia Layout

  5. Enter a Layout Name, Screen Orientation, then select Create New

  6. You will re-directed to the Edit Screen Layout page and the Multimedia Playlist will open in a new Web Browser Tab


  7. Click on + Upload New Asset, Choose File / Drag and Drop onto the Upload Box then click on Upload File Now


    Repeat Step 7 as desired

  8. Navigate to the original (Edit Screen LayoutWeb Browser Tab and select Publish 

  9. You are done!

Applies to

OnePass 3.1.x, NexSigns 2.x, NexSigns 3.x