Icon Definition - NexSigns Licenses

This article will define all of the icons on the NexSigns Available Licenses page. 

Note that the terms License, Device, Screen, and Display may be used interchangeably.  Each Nano-PC Device is linked to an individual NexSigns License.

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The Nano-PC device is currently Online

The Nano-PC device was Online within the last 24 hours

The Nano-PC device has been Offline for over 24 hours

The Nano-PC devices that you own

Company NameScreen NameDetails
Demo Company1st Display - Boardroom
  • Device is currently Online
  • User owns this device
Demo Company2nd Display - Conference Room
  • Device was Online within the last 24 hours
  • User owns this device
Test Company1st Display - Hallway
  • Device has been Offline for over 24 hours
  • User does NOT own this device