Smart Menu Editor x ToastPOS Integration

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ToastPOS is now an authorized and certified POS software provider to work with NexSigns Smart Menu Editors. The ToastPOS integration provides ToastPOS users the ultimate convenience of managing and data automation for digital menu boards with NexSigns through the Smart Menu Editor. This article will cover how to take advantage of NexSigns Smart Menu Editor for ToastPOS users.


Before you can connect ToastPOS to NexSigns, you must have the following prerequisite:

Enable ToastPOS Access

  1. Contact ToastPOS to enable integration connection with NexSigns.

  2. ToastPOS will then e-mail your Restaurant GUID to Kuusoft.

  3. Contact your account rep to retrieve your Restaurant GUID.

Setup Data Stream

Create a new Data Stream with the Restaurant GUID you’ve received above. For more information on how to set up a Data Stream, see the article

Using ToastPOS data in Smart Menu Editor

You must first get familiar with how to control the basics of using Smart Menu Editor. For more information, refer to this article:

Once you are familiar with Smart Menu Editor, you can replace any fields in the Smart Menu Editor with dynamic data linking. For more information, refer to this article:


ToastPOS Data Stream Configuration Detail

The connection utility for ToastPOS consists of several fields. Here’s a summary of what each field represents

Field Name


Field Name


ToastPOS Basic Filter

This is a dynamic filter that will be used to locate your menu items. In most cases, you should not need to touch this default settings. In some rare scenario where the data you are looking for is outside of typical menu structure, you will need to adjust this field to accommodate the menu structure.

Item Filter

Select the item you’d like to use to retrieve the data

Data Field

This is a list of data field that’s available for the item.

Size Option

The size option fields will appear automatically if your pricing strategy set to SIZE PRICING. A new drop down box for Size Option will appear for you to select the size price you’d like to use.