RSS News Feed Channel

This tutorial will provide instructions on how to add a RSS News Feed Channel to your NexSigns Layout.

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Login to OnePass and navigate to your NexSigns license

  1. Login to OnePass (For more information, see How to access OnePass)
  2. Click on Application then select NexSigns

  3. Select your desired Product License and click on Start Action

Create a RSS News Feed Channel

  1. Select Manage Channel located in the left menu

  2. Click on Create New Channel

  3. Enter a Channel Name, Descriptionselect RSSNewsFeeds in the Channel Type drop-down menu, and press Continue


  4. You have successfully created a RSS News Feed Channel

Modify the RSS News Feed Channel Settings

Slide Duration (Seconds)The Time in Seconds that each news article will play for
Effect Duration (Seconds)The Time in Seconds for the image transition effect
Refresh Interval (Seconds)The Time in Seconds to re-download and update the RSS News Feed articles
Title Font Size (px)The Font Size of the Title
Title Font WeightThe Font Thickness of the Title 
Description Font Size (px)The Font Size of the Description
Description Font WeightThe Font Thickness of the Description
  1. Modify the desired Visual Configuration Settings

  2. Click on Save Configuration

Add a RSS News Feed

  1. Navigate to the desired RSS News Feed Channel
  2. Click on + RSS News Source
  3. Copy and Paste a RSS Source URL

    Ensure to remove any Leading / Trailing Spaces while pasting in the RSS Source URL

  4. Enter a Display Label (Custom Title)

  5. Enter the Max Recent Entries (number of news articles to download) 

  6. Click on Create New

  7. You have successfully added a RSS News Feed to a RSS News Feed channel

  8. Repeat as desired

Ensure to create a LayoutContainer, and connect it to the RSS News Feed Channel then Publish it to view it on your signage.

Preview the RSS News Feeds

  1. Add the desired RSS News Feeds - LINK
  2. Click on Preview

  3. Click on Close when completed


Examples of working RSS News Feeds

The RSS News Feed Channel is compatible with any RSS feed using standard news tags. 

Customized interfacing is available.  Please contact your Account Executive for more information. 

Each link has multiple RSS Feeds available for the respective news companies


Global NewsGlobal News RSS feeds

CBC - RSS Feeds


CNNRSS (Really Simple Syndication) -

ESPN - ESPN News Feeds

Fox RSS Feeds | Fox News

Los Angeles TimesRSS Feeds - Los Angeles Times (

New York TimesRSS Feeds - The New York Times (