Nano-PC downloads stops responding

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While downloading new media, the Nano-PC download progress bar stops and doesn't continue.


This is usually caused by an unstable Wired (network cable) or Wireless (Wi-Fi) internet connection.


There are several troubleshooting options tips below: 

Things to try for both Wireless (Wi-Fi) and Wired (network cable) connections
  1. Try rebooting the Nano-PC device (unplug the microUSB cable from the Nano-PC then plug it back in after 5 seconds)
  2. Power the Nano-PC with the included Power Adapter instead of the TV USB port
  3. Verify that the Internet Connection is working
  4. Determine if there are other devices on your network using large amounts of bandwidth
  5. Try completing the download during non-peak hours
Things to try for Wireless (Wi-Fi) connections
  1. You can move Nano-PC closer to the Wireless (Wi-Fi) Router
  2. You can move the Wireless (Wi-Fi) Router closer to the Nano-PC
  3. Use a compatible phone charger Power Adapter and Cable (ex. Samsung / LG phones) and power the Nano-PC close to the Wireless (Wi-Fi) Router
Things to try for Wired (network cable) connections
  1. Double check the network cable is not running in parallel with any power source
  2. Confirm the cable you are using is in good condition