Upload and Convert a PowerPoint file to a Video

OnePass natively supports PowerPoint (PPTX / PPT) files.  It will convert them into a Video Asset onto your OnePass account.

Topics Covered

Useful Information

  • OnePass supports the following PowerPoint file types:  PPTX and PPT
  • PowerPoint file will be converted into a Video Asset - MP4
  • If undefined, the slide transition time will be set to 5 seconds
  • Sound will be removed
  • Macros and Plugins will be removed
  • The uploaded PowerPoint file will be discarded after it is converted

Login to OnePass and navigate to your Assets

  1. Login to OnePass (For more information, see How to access OnePass)
  2. Click on Application then select NexSigns

  3. Select your desired Product License and click on Start Action

  4. You have successfully navigated to your Manage Assets page.

Upload PowerPoint- Tile Interface

Upload PowerPoint - Classic Interface

You cannot upload PowerPoint files directly on a Multimedia Channel or using the Upload Multiple Assets interface.