Factory Reset a Nano-PC (USB Flash Drive)

These steps will help users Factory Reset multiple Nano-PC3 devices using a USB Flash Drive.

This article is intended for Expert Users trying to complete large-scale Factory Resets on multiple Nano-PC3 devices.

To Factory Reset a single Nano-PC3 device  - Factory Reset a Nano-PC (USB Mouse)

Configuration requires a USB Flash Drive (not included).  Recommended settings for the USB Flash Drive:

  • File System
    • FAT32
  • Allocation Unit Size
    • Default Allocation Size
  • Capacity
    • 16GB or under

This should only be done when instructed by a Kuusoft Support Team member.  After the Factory Reset has completed, all of your settings and files will be deleted from the Nano-PC3 device.

You will then need to Configure the Wi-Fi on your Nano-PC and provide a Pairing Code to Kuusoft Support Team member.

Topics Covered

Configure the Setting File (setting.conf)

  1. Download the setting.conf file


  2. Copy the setting.conf file onto the root of the USB Flash Drive

Apply the Setting File

  1. Unplug the Power Cable from the DC-IN port of your Nano-PC3 (The Nano-PC3 can stay connected to your TV)

  2. Insert the USB Flash Drive into your Nano-PC3 (located on the bottom of the device)

  3. Plug in the Power Cable into the DC-IN port of your Nano-PC3

  4. Your Nano-PC device will now Factory Reset


After the Factory Reset has completed, you will need to Configure the Wi-Fi on your Nano-PC and provide a 6 Digit Pairing Key to a Kuusoft Support Team member.

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