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You can quickly create a playlist of images and videos (aka Assets), along with other media, using OnePass and your NexSigns Device. In this article, we will explore how to configure and use a Multimedia Channel.

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For more information about different Channels, view this article.

Optional - Enable Auto-Update for a Multimedia Playlist

Tutorial - Create and Publish a Multimedia Playlist
Tutorial - Edit and Publish a Multimedia Playlist

Login to OnePass and navigate to your Screen Layouts

  1. Login to OnePass (For more information, see How to access OnePass)
  2. Click on Application then select NexSigns

  3. Click on Start Action on your desired Product License

  4. You have successfully navigated to your Screen Layouts.

Create a new Multimedia Channel

  1. Select Manage Channel located in the left menu

  2. Click on Create New Channel 

  3. Enter a Channel Name, Description and select Multimedia in the Channel Type drop-down menu 

  4. Select Continue to finish creating a new Multimedia Channel

Add Media to a Multimedia Channel

  1. To add media to the Multimedia Channel, click on either the  + Add Video+ Add Image, + Add Multimedia Channel+ Add Connection Token+ Add Template, or + Upload New Asset

  2. Select your desired Media 




  3. You have successfully added media to your Multimedia Playlist

Preview an Asset - quick details and preview

  1. Locate your desired Asset and mouse over on the Preview icon


Preview an Asset - open in a new Tab

  1. Locate your desired Asset and click on the name

  2.  It will display your Asset on a New Tab in your Web Browser.

Modify the duration of time that an Image Asset is displayed

  1. Locate your desired Asset and type in a new duration in the Duration (Seconds) text box (ex. 15 seconds)

  2. Click away from the Duration (Seconds) text box and it will be saved automatically
  3. You will see a green Saved! message when it has been changed.

Modify the order of a Multimedia playlist

  1. Locate your desired Asset and use Drag and Drop to change the order 

  2. Select Save Changes 

Remove an Asset from a Multimedia playlist

  1. Locate your desired Asset and click on the Red X Button


See this article for instructions on Using Persona Filters in a Multimedia Channel / Multimedia Playlist


Example #1 - Weekday Happy Hour Menu from 3pm to 5pm 

Example #2 - Daily Specials for June 2020

Applies to

OnePass 3.1.x, NexSigns 2.x, NexSigns 3.x