Change the Time Zone Setting (OnePass Account)

This tutorial will provide instructions to change the Time Zone Setting of your OnePass Account.

The default Time Zone Setting for a OnePass Account is Pacific Time (UTC-8)

Any Nano-PC devices, without an individual Time Zone Setting, will use the Time Zone Setting of the owner's OnePass Account

Tutorial - Change the Time Zone Setting (Nano-PC Device)

Change the Time Zone Setting of your OnePass Account

  1. Login to OnePass (For more information, see How to access OnePass)
  2. Click on the Account Menu icon located at the right top corner of the page and select My Account

  3. Click on Time Zone Setting, select a Time Zone and click on Update Time Zone

  4. You have successfully updated the Time Zone Setting of your OnePass Account 

Important Info

You will need to Reset your Nano-PC device(s) for the updated Time Zone Setting to take effect 

Applies to

OnePass 3.1.x