Configure Wi-Fi Settings on a Nano-PC3 (USB Flash Drive)

These steps will help users configure the Wi-Fi Settings on a Nano-PC3 device using a USB Flash Drive.

This article is intended for Expert Users trying to complete large-scale setting updates on multiple devices.

For any standard Wireless Network setting updates - How to Configure the Wi-Fi Settings on a Nano-PC (USB Mouse)

Configuration requires a USB Flash Drive (not included).  Recommended settings for the USB Flash Drive:

  • File System
    • FAT32
  • Allocation Unit Size
    • Default Allocation Size
  • Capacity
    • 16GB or under

Here are additional Wireless Network Requirements.

Topics Covered

Configure the Setting File (setting.conf)

  1. Download the setting.conf file  (If the Kuusoft Support Team emailed you a pre-configured Setting File, skip to Step 3)

  2. Open the setting.conf file with Notepad, NotePad++, TextEdit, or another Text Editor 

    Note that the Wi-Fi SSID and Password are both case-sensitive and space-sensitive

    1. Replace WiFiNetworkName with your Wi-Fi Network Name 
    2. Replace WiFiPassword with your Wi-Fi Password

  3. Save the configured setting.conf file onto the root of the USB Flash Drive

Apply the Setting File

  1. Unplug the Power Cable from the DC-IN port of your Nano-PC3 (The Nano-PC3 can stay connected to your TV)

  2. Insert the USB Flash Drive into your Nano-PC3 (located on the bottom of the device)

  3. Plug in the Power Cable into the DC-IN port of your Nano-PC3

  4. The Nano-PC3 will update the Wi-Fi Settings and will automatically reboot your device.
  5. Wait until the Nano-PC3 is back online
  6. Remove the USB Flash Drive from your Nano-PC3 

  7. You are done!

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