How to Setup your Nano-PC (Wi-Fi)

There are 2 options to power your Nano-PC device.

Powered by TV USB PortPowered by Power Adapter (included)
  • Works with every Nano-PC device and TV
  • Requires a TV USB Port with a minimum of 1.0 AMP of power
Kuusoft recommends powering the Nano-PC with the TV USB Port when possible.  All standard Displays (TVs), sold by Kuusoft, support powering the Nano-PC devices by the TV USB Port.

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Nano-PC3 Retail Box - Parts Included


Setup a new Nano-PC device

  1. Plug in the MicroUSB cable into the DC IN port at the bottom of your Nano-PC3


  2. Use the HDMI Extender and Cornering Anchor (optional but recommended)

    The HDMI Extender and Cornering Anchor is useful to hide the Nano-PC behind the TV, prevents the Nano-PC from blocking the TV USB port, and helps with cable management.
    1. Bend the HDMI Extender to the desired angle and apply the Cornering Anchor to secure it in place


    2. Plug in the Nano-PC into the HDMI Extender 


  3. Plug in the HDMI Extender (with the Nano-PC attached) into your TV's HDMI port (location of the HDMI port may vary depending on the TV model)


  4. Power the Nano-PC Device (complete EITHER of the following)
    1. Power the Nano-PC with the TV USB Port (recommended)
      1. Remove the USB Cable from the Power Adapter 


      2. Plug in the USB Cable directly into the TV USB Port


    2. Power the Nano-PC with the included Power Adapter
      1. Plug in the Power Adapter into an available Electrical Outlet (or Surge Protector)

  5. Turn ON the TV
    1. Use either the Remote or the physical Power Button the TV (Remote and Power Button will vary depending on the TV model)


  6. Change the TV Input to the installed HDMI Port
  7. You are done!


Nano-PC devices are typically shipped and preconfigured to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Here is a tutorial on how to Configure the Wi-Fi Settings on a Nano-PC (requires a USB Mouse)

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