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  1. Login to OnePass and Access the Location Manager (Wait Management Console)

    Don't have an account? - Sign up and Get Started with Wait

  2. Find the desired location, and click on the blue Edit button

  3. Click on Queues


  4. Click on Multi-Queue Style

    titleHelpful Hint

    The Queue Type cannot be modified after being selected.


  5. Create the desired Queues by entering a Display Name clicking on Create Queue

    Repeat as desired


  6. Modify the desired Settings



    This will update the notification text message sent to the end user.

    [@@LOCATION_NAME@@ will ] will copy the information from the
    Location Name field

    Send a Test Message will send a sample text of the Notification Message

    Default Notification Message: 

    Your Wait at [@@LOCATION_NAME@@] is over. Please check in with the front desk. Thank you!

  7. You have successfully Selected and Configure a Multi-Queue Location.  Click on the Back Arrow to return to the Location Manager